Barrettine Group Celebrating over 140 years of Business

140 years celebrationThe Barrettine Group will proudly be celebrating over 140 years in business throughout 2019.

Established in 1879, Barrettine has a long and proud history of producing high quality chemical products. Originally based in the Bristol dockyard area, importing & exporting various raw materials and chemicals. Fast forward to present day and the Barrettine Group continues to manufacture a wide range of Chemical formulations and blends covering a number of different sectors; Speciality chemicals, solvents, oils & allied products for industry, Home & garden chemical products, Cleaning products, Specialist Wood Preservers, Coatings and treatments as well as a number of Pesticides and Pest control Products. During this time the Group has matured into a well-respected business across the various Industries that it supports.

Keep a look out as there will be a number of initiatives throughout 2019 to help celebrate this 140-year milestone. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best Wishes, Steve.

Mr Steve Bailey. Group Managing Director.

Barrettine Group