Hydrocarbon solvents

HydrocarbonsBarrettine Industrial supply a comprehensive range of hydrocarbon solvents sourced via long-standing partnerships with prime petrochemical producers.

We supply both aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons all to the highest specification.

  • C9 Aromatic Solvent Naphtha:- Adhesives, Paints, Graphic Arts

  • C10 Aromatic Solvent Naphtha:- Paints, Cleaning

  • D40:- Paints, Cleaning, Coatings, Graphic Arts

  • D60:- Paints, Resins, Graphic Arts

  • D75:- Cleaning, Degreasing, Paints, Resins

  • Distillate:- Cleaning, Thinners

  • Gunwash:- Cleaning, Thinners

  • Heptane:- Adhesives, Cleaning, Thinners

  • Hexane:- Adhesives, Graphic Arts

  • Odourless Kerosene:- Cleaning, Degreasing, Paints, Resins

  • Premium Paraffin:- Lamp Oil, Heater Oil

  • Regular Kerosene:- Heater Oil

  • SBP Solvents:- Adhesives, Degreasing, Paint

  • Standard Thinners:- Cleaning, Thinners

  • Toluene:- Adhesives, Paint, Inks

  • White Spirit:- Cleaning, Degreasing, Paints, Resins

  • Xylene:- Cleaning, Paints, Resins



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